Working together we can reduce our flood risk, become more resilient and  grow our economy.  We've not seen an opportunity like this since the 1803 Louisiana Purchase.

Our mantra, “Safe Ground for Commerce and Families.” serves to remind us how important our risk reduction work is.   - Tracy Hilburn



Following the Great Floods of 2016, Governor John Bel Edwards and his team worked with local governments across the State to develop a new approach to managing our floodplains. He established the Louisiana Watershed Initiative (LWI) to manage this program. Backed with legislation, in 2019 the State was divided into eight watershed regions. Northeast Louisiana is Region 3. It consists of fourteen parishes. The first step in our efforts to reduce our risks to all hazards is to establish a regional management structure. The management structure is called the “Region Steering Committee” (RSC).  The RSC  will be charged with establishing a Regional Permanent Coalition. Future hazard mitigation funding from a variety of sources will flow through this structure.

To establish the regional management structures each region needed to build capacity to manage. The Louisiana Office of Community Development made available $400 thousand dollars to each region to support capacity building. Each region designated a fiscal agent to manage the funding and capacity building process.  By Police Jury resolution, Region 3 Parishes designated the Ouachita Parish Police Jury as the Region Fiscal Agent. The City of Monroe partnered with the Ouachita Parish Police Jury to provide technical assistance. These parishes include Caldwell Parish, Catahoula Parish, Claiborne Parish, Concordia Parish, East Carroll Parish, Franklin Parish, Lincoln Parish, Madison Parish, Morehouse Parish, Ouachita Parish, Richland Parish, Tensas Parish, Union Parish and West Carroll Parish. A strong partnership exists between the Region 3 Parishes.

Project Management Team (PMT)

  • Brad Cammack, Treasurer, Ouachita Parish Police Jury will serve as the Fiscal Agent.
  • Tracy Hilburn, Assistant Director Ouachita Parish Homeland Security will serve as Regional Watershed Coordinator.
  • Lisa Richardson, Ouachita Parish Floodplain Manager will serve as the Regional Floodplain Manager.
  • Regional Watershed Planner – This position will be a new hire by the City of Monroe. The Planner will assist the Regional Watershed Coordinator.
  • Karen Cupit, Assistant Treasurer, Ouachita Parish Police Jury will serve as the Comptroller.

Organizational Chart


The Region 3 Louisiana Watershed Initiative brings together citizenry from a fourteen parish area to reduce our risk from all-hazards.

Long-term Vision

Sustainability and Resilience through science, engineering and objective decision making.

Thank You

We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. Thank you for your time and donations that makes this possible!